Sunday, October 4, 2009

Too Much Information

Half Season Ticket Holder Buddy sent me a link a few days ago to the Los Angeles Kings Twitter Plan. It outlined all the different Twitter accounts that Kings fans could subscribe to in order to stay informed for the upcoming season. It seems like the Kings are taking this Social Networking thing pretty serious. (I should have known when my Half-Season Tickets had the logos for Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and Linked In on the bottom. Really? Linked In?) Here is a glimpse of what lies out there for Kings fans in the Twittersphere:

In addition to news updates from, Royal Report emails and special ticket offers, several members of the organization will be providing Tweets over the course of the year with posts being able to be found on the Kings’ official Twitter account page at

Oh cool. There is a new Kings Notebook post for October 2nd.

Okay, simple enough. This should be my place to go for all things Kings related on Twitter, right? Not so fast!!

New beat writer/columnist Rich Hammond will continue tweeting about the Kings and the content he provides for Follow him going forward at

Oh cool... There still is a new Kings Notebook post for October 2nd.

So this is different than getting news updates from Because it's news updates from about the Kings but from new employee, Rich Hammond. Okay, well looks like I'm all set with my Kings twitters... oh what's that?

In addition, the club’s communications staff will be providing tweets during the season, including notes from the press box during each game and player/coach quotes after games. The Kings have also created a Twitter account for Royal Service to help answer any ticketing issues that people have and to give them even better customer service. The account is
What exactly is "predeterminted?"

Okay... so now I'm going to get my news about the Kings from the first Twitter. Then I'll get my Kings news from Rich Hammond at the second Twitter. And then this new one will give me access to the notes and quotes that make up Kings news that I can find at the 1st and 2nd Twitter. Makes total sense.

Kings Director of Rehabilitation/Assistant Athletic Trainer Joe Caligiuri will be tweeting this season for the first time. Follow him at

Okay, I've been following the LAKingsTrainer Twitter for a little while now and I'm convinced that it isn't actually Joe Caligiuri but a unemployed television writer hired by the Kings. I went to a college that had a highly specialized Athletic Trainer program... and none of those students could write like this:

The professional hockey player in general, is a blue collar, mutually respected individual whom rarely, if never puts himself before any others in the locker room as well as the organization. The players themselves take pride in the type of man whom sits beside them in the locker room and joins them in battle on the ice. Our veterans represent experience and exhibit class while our younger players listen and learn with an open mind while approaching each day eager to improve their selves as compared to the previous. Great teams are built with talent but more importantly, consumed by character. I can assure you that our organization epitomizes character, breeds and eagerness to succeed, and will flourish as a direct result of these qualities that allow our talents to shine in opposition to those whom do not believe in the rebirth of the Los Angeles Kings. Believe in what has been created – and be proud to sit along side us in battle.

Okay, so that's fine... I'll sign up for this 4th Kings Twitter because it seems that LAKingsTrainer (and his ghost writer) can provide us Kings fans with an unique perspective that the 3 other Twitters can't provide. So that should be plenty... oh fuck!

Fans can follow FS WEST on Twitter by visiting

Seriously, who is following FS WEST? Everyone knows that the FS PRIME TICKET Twitter is where it's at.

Yeah, there is no way I'm adding this.

I just wish there was one LA Kings related Twitter that provided me with what I wanted... thoughtful analysis, access to the players and a witty perspective on interviews.

Heidi Androl, the club’s Manager, Production/Host - Kings Vision and FS West reporter during Kings home games, will continue to tweet this season. Follow her at


So with all this fuss about the Kings and their foray into the social networking age... it's the perfect time to announce the ultimate in Los Angeles Kings coverage...The Royal Half is on Twitter!

You can find us at for all of your Heidi Androl screencap needs.

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