Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ragtime Blues

The Los Angeles Kings looked lifeless at times during their game versus the New York Rangers tonight. They over skated pucks, bobbled blue line passes and just kind of looked like they weren't having fun at all. But with that said... they actually could have won tonight. 36 shots against the best team in Eastern Conference ain't all that bad. The Kings played a better overall game than the New York Rangers... well better than everyone on the Rangers except for goalie Henrik Lundqvist.

Kings 2, Rangers 4

Ryan Smyth arrives in NYC the only way he knows how...
with total effin' style.

With all the excitement over the Kings recent play and the hype for the match-up between two of the hottest teams in the NHL... I was beyond excited to get home and watch this game in glorious HD... aw what?!?

This was what I watched from 15:00 until 10:00 in the first period.

Really, Fox Sports West HD? This is now the 2nd time in a week you've had to throw the old test pattern up on the HD box. And to think, I was just about to become your friend on Facebook. I mean, you are putting hints everywhere... even on the scoreboard.

OMG, Fox Sports West. You are so desperate.

Is there a more bad-ass looking coach in the NHL than John Tortorella?

If I were a network executive, I would do a remake of The Rockford Files
starring John Tortorella and I'd call it "Tort's Law."

Ok... I can think of one coach that is more bad-ass than Tortorella.

You don't want to see Coach Murray upset.

In between periods, Superstar GM Dean Lombardi paid a visit and chatted with Bob Miller. Lombardi has to be smiling big this days, as his team is the talk of the hockey world and no one remembers that he actually signed Ladislav Nagy a few years ago.

Listen... just cause a guy is a dominant force among GM's
doesn't mean he can't have a pen in his pocket.

And Canadian Thanksgiving might have been Monday, but it's never too late to celebrate all things Canadian.

Well it would be silly to have a Canadian night without inviting Captain Canada.

Hey Kings marketing. The Tragically Hip? I could think of a few better Canadian rock bands that would be a little more geared towards a hockey crowd. Whom do you ask?

The Band
Neil Young
The Guess Who
Bachman Turner Overdrive
Tom Cochrane
Jeff Healey
Anne Murray

Former First Round Draft pick Brian Boyle (selected just before Corey Perry) complained today that the he always felt like the Kings coaches were riding him hard... always looming over his shoulder. Well, you know why they did that Brian? Because you aren't a good hockey player. And they were just trying to get you to be a better one. Brian Boyle's play in tonights game is very typical of his frustrating young career. A goal scored by him only to be followed by a lazy hooking penalty and a power play goal against. Good riddance to Boyle and I'm glad he's the Rangers problem now.

Speaking of New York Rangers problems... it's good to know that Sean Avery is back in mid-season form.

Maybe he just dropped his tear sheets on the ice.

Oh man, Anna is gonna be pissed if I can't find these.

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