Wednesday, October 14, 2009

See What Develops

Some might say that I'm a bit obsessed with the various advertising campaigns of the Los Angeles Kings. But this kind of obsession is what sets The Royal Half apart from the hundreds upon thousands of Kings blogs that are out there. Some blogs out there may want to breakdown faceoff percentage or get interviews with well-respected members of the Kings family... not me, I just like it when a on-air graphic goes screwy.

So when I noticed that Fox Sports West HD has created a new ad campaign for their Kings broadcasts this season... I was surprised to find out that it actually is kinda good...

Sure, this ad invokes the little-know Einstein equation of Pride=Passion=Power that the Kings have been using in their marketing over the last 2 years, but the tagline of "See What Develops" just might be the best LA Kings-related marketing phrase I've heard in the last 10 years.

Get it? Like a photograph. Developing.

As a Half-Season Ticket Holder for the last 7 years, all of which have been playoff free, I've been waiting quite some time to see what develops. And it finally is, at least through the first 5 games of this young NHL season. With the patient leadership of Dean Lombardi and the incredibly smart switch of ditching Marc Crawford for Terry Murray... Kings fans that have been waiting for something, anything positive from their favorite hockey team over the past few years are finally starting to be rewarded. And with the Kings in NYC tonight in the midst of a 6 game road trip, it's the perfect time for the spotlight of the NHL and the mainstream media to be focused on what's going on in Los Angeles. And it seems like the Kings have caught their attention... I mean just take a look at all the rankings, courtesy of Life in Hockeywood.

Are the Kings going to beat the Rangers and Red Wings in back-to-back games? Probably not. A successful season is not built upon going 71-1. It's about consistency and quality of play maintained over the course of the entire season. These Kings are going to slow down eventually... they might even lose a few in row at one point, and us Kings bloggers will say it's all over... and then the Kings will grab a playoff spot and we'll say we knew it all along.

But for the first time in a LONG while... I can't wait to see what develops with every single minute of Los Angeles Kings action.

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