Saturday, October 10, 2009

LA Story

Oh sure. The Kings are definitely in the Midwest.

St. Louis Sports Teams 2, Los Angeles Sports Teams, 7

Screw it, we are going to watch baseball.
Heidi can call the game tonight.

Suck it, Midwest! The City of Los Angeles just opened up a huge can of whip-ass on 2 of the 3 major sports teams in your sleepy city. (What? No basketball team?) Another game, another victory for the Los Angeles Kings... and this win is the type of win Kings fans hope they repeat throughout the year. A fast, tight, well-played defensive hockey game. Jon Quick looked like he did at his peak last season and oh yeah... these guys showed up too.

I mean are those smiles or are those smiles?
I hope to see this image on my tv every game this season.

The "Greatest Line to Ever Play Together" Line added another notch to their season opening scoring streak tonight but I was very pleased with the play of all the lines... even little ole' Peter Harrold had 2 decent scoring chances. And eventually Dustin Brown and Teddy Purcell will learn to hit the net. But even the notorious Ryan Smyth hater RudyKelly over at BoC has to be pleased with the play of Los Angeles' offense.... right?

Nope, Rudy was front row at Scottrade... letting Smyth know how much he loves him.

There was a lot of talk about young defensemen at the start of this game. The dynamic duo of Jack Johnson and Drew Doughty versus the... um dynamic duo of Erik Johnson and Alex Pietrangelo (I'm pretty sure when his Dad's cousin, Frank, played in the NHL it was Peter-Angelo... not the strange way Bob Miller was pronouncing it all night.) I was not impressed with the Blue's young D, especially Johnson. Sure he has a big shot... but he was turned around left and right by the Kings forwards all night. I'll take Drew Doughty poking the puck away from a forward while diving on his belly as he spins around like a record any day over a dude that likes to drive golf carts wasted.

Is it me or is Andy Murray tanner in St. Louis than he was in Los Angeles?

The Kings season almost ended as within few minutes of each other... Wayne Simmonds, Drew Doughty and Anze Kopitar all got injured in different ways... but since they are hockey players... they eat steel plates for lunch and came back to play in the game. And poor Drew Doughty already had a tough time getting the ladies... the last thing he needs is headgear.

Worst. Cold sore. Ever.

Wayne Simmonds also took a hard hit and immediately went to the bench.

Whoops, wrong photo! How did that get in there?!?

The Scottrade Center was only built in 1994... so did they lose the blue prints for the correctly sized penalty boxes during construction?

Excuse me, pardon me, excuse me.

I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who paid for table service here.

Tonight's telecast marked the television debut of Kings Blogger Extraordinaire Rich Hammond. And I have to say... he cleans up quite well from his bio photo.


Less Gremlin-y.

Another Hollywood makeover story. I thought Rich actually did a good job with Bob. And you heard it here first... in 3 years Rich Hammond will be the studio analyst for NHL on the Fly or whatever cable channel is showing NHL hockey then (probably Animal Planet.) And you can bet your sweet ass Heidi Androl will be the sideline reporter.

Hey Fox Sports West... you ever consider that maybe I don't want to be your friend?

And the Fox Sports Team also gave Kings fans unprecedented access... interviewing Ryan Smyth from deep within Jack Johnson's black-light filled basement.

Dude... you have Wii?

The Kings are 3-1. I'm really happy about that. They have beat a really good team (Sharks), a young good team (Blues) and a team that I don't really know much about since its previous coach had everyone convinced that it was a stodgy, defensive team (Wild). Monday, the Kings head to Long Island to play a shitty team that they should destroy (Islanders). I know the NHL is trying to cut costs where ever it can... but I think these new refs are horrible.

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