Thursday, October 15, 2009


How does a rational Kings fan react to these back to back losses? Do you panic that the 4-1 start was a compete fluke? Do you rejoice in the fact that the Kings have dominated most of the past 2 games but just have run into some great saves by experienced goalies? Do you worry that Alexander Frolov had a hard time staying on his feet this game and that during a crucial 3rd period possession near-rookie Teddy Purcell reached out with his stick instead of putting his body forward to keep a puck in the Detroit zone? Do you hope that Coach Murray does plenty of drills where the Kings practice keeping the puck in at the blueline? Do you give up on the young season and start checking out who the hot prospects are for the draft? Or do you realize the Kings are still tied for first in the Pacific and are 2-2 on their longest road trip of the year? Sometimes being a Kings fan just makes you want to scream.

It's nights like this that make Rudy Kelly proud of his Ryan Smyth hatred.

Kings 2, The Stupid Team that Always Beats Us 5

The demise of the Detroit Red Wings has been greatly exaggerated. Sure they may not be flying out of the gate like seasons past, but even without Pavel Datsyuk and Johan Franzen... the Red Wings still have Zetterberg, Holmstrom and Rafalski. Even the statisticians are grasping at straws to make the Detroit start seem worse than it really is.

Really? 2-3 is your worst start in 8 years?
There are seasons where I would have killed for the Kings to start off 2-3.

They may be a little slower... a little older (or maybe not without Chris Chelios in the lineup) but I'm sure the Detroit Red Wings will be a team to contend with this season in the Western Conference. Whether or not the Los Angeles Kings will be right there with them... well that remains to be seen. If this team cannot win an offensive zone faceoff or stop a team on the powerplay... keeping up the elite pace they have going so far will be a difficult chore. Oh, and Fox Sports West HD... I think you are starting to get a little too cutesy with the "See What Develops" campaign.

I hope Jim Fox was the hand model for this one.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it's too early but a few things really bother me. First, how can you ask a big production from Frolov when TM put him on 3rd line? Doesn't make sence! Plus, Simmonds looks terrible so far. Second, our 2nd line would really be a 3rd line at any other club. Purcell looks bettert than last year but Brown looks like he doesn't care, eather we win or loose. Stoll is good on face-offs but that about it. On power plays I really expected Johnson to be a major factor this year but so far he did nothing. Kings desperatelly needs a 2nd line center and D-man on power PP. But until we get someone I would move Frolov to the 2nd line with Brown and Purcell. DM promissed us that this year we will make a postseason but unless he get us some help I don't see how that would happen.