Saturday, October 3, 2009

On the Way to the Game...

Well after 3 full months of having nothing to do but watch Classic Playoff Series on NHL Network (oh man, that Bruins-Whalers series was a classic... did you see Neely slam it past Sidorkiewicz?!?!) the time has finally come. Tonight, Half Season Ticket Holder Buddy and I will head to Staples Center for opening night. As with every start to a season there is hope and promise... but I can't remember a season in the last 6 years that had as much expectation as this one. There is a reason that fan is short for fanatic... and we've been counting down the minutes to this day.

My Ryan Smyth nemesis RudyKelly said it best over at BoC...

"'I'm trying to think of a Kings team I've liked as much as I like this one, but I'm coming up with a blank. I mean, I hate Ryan Smyth, Jack Johnson is a douche bag and Peter Harrold is terrible but other than that I love everyone on this team."

I'm excited to see what Justin Williams can do fully recovered from injury. I'm excited to see this so-called chemistry that occurred between Anze Kopitar and Ryan Smyth during pre-season. I'm excited to see Rob Scuderi and Matt Greene battle it out on defense, old school style. I'm excited to see Wayne Simmonds slap this league around like it was his bitch. And I'm excited to see Jon Quick stare at the back of the net before the opening faceoff.

Yup, he did it every game last season.

But what am I most excited to see you ask? Well, I'm hoping that when I walk into the Staples Center in a few hours, I am greeted by no other than Tim Watters.

You see when I was a kid... Tim Watters was our Whipping Boy.

What's that? Jamie Storr will be there too? Greatest. Opening. Night. Ever.

I hate doing predictions, but tonight I think the Kings will beat the Phoenix Coyotes so bad that they will disband from the league immediately. Their uniforms will be donated to a 3rd world country and their players will be forced to play in the KHL until the following season.

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