Thursday, October 15, 2009


Now I know why Anze Kopitar has looked so great during the start of this young season... he has horribly debilitating Obsessive Control Disorder!

Take a look at this video (no audio) from the Kings 6-3 win over the Minnesota Wild on October 8th.

Take a sniff of the smelling salt... water over left shoulder, water over right shoulder...
a little water on the toes... and then go out and get 4 points.

And then last night, during the Kings 4-2 loss to the New York Rangers.

I love how Justin Williams is looking around, just trying not to stare.

Pro Sports athletes having rituals is nothing new. Some have been truly been bizarre. While others are completely awesome to watch. Heck, even I for some stupid reason always put my right skate on first, then my right shinpad, then my left skate, left shinpad. (I think I do this because I read that Gretzky did it in his auto-biography, Gretzky: An Auto-Biography)

So the fact that Anze does this makes me like him even more. It's refreshing that a player with immense talent still feels like he needs a little luck at the start of each period. At least it's worked out better for Kopitar than it did for this guy.

At the end of the day... it's a little silly to be so obsessive over something. It would be like taking the time to upload videos onto youtube every time there is something wrong with an on-screen graphic during a game. I mean... how crazy does that sound?!? Almost as crazy as facing towards the net every time before the puck is dropped to start a game.

Los Angeles Kings vs Detroit Red Wings tonight. The Kings have a lot to prove in this game if they want the hype to continue. Pavel Datsyuk is out and this is a great opportunity to show the Red Wings they won't have the Kings to kick around anymore. Check out the great Abel to Yzerman or Winging it in Motown for some Detroit coverage of tonights game.

Wow, so I guess that KingsVision had a video of Kopitar doing this up on their site. I had no idea that it was there. And I wasted my freakin' time creating and uploading these videos!!!

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