Friday, October 9, 2009

Fugly For the Win!

Got home from work, parked down on the couch and I just can't wait to watch Los Angeles Kings hockey in glorious High Definition television... here we go!

Oh. That can't be good.

While the good folks at Fox Sports West tried to get the game back on the air, they decided to look into their vault and run an old dating show...

Best episode of Blind Date ever!

Alex Frolov slowly begins his transformation into Jon Gosselin.

I feel a real connection with Heidi. I'm very excited about this date.

There is no way Alex is going to score.
And he also will not have a point in tonight's game.

Eventually, Fox Sports West got the game back on the air and used the opportunity to show off some fancy High Definition graphics!

That hologram technology is just getting better and better.

This is a left over storyboard from The Dark Knight.

But the worst HD-related news of the night?

Aww man! I wanted HD everywhere! What kind of a cheap production is this!?!

It doesn't matter if you saw it in HD, SD or while wearing your BVD's... it was another Kings victory!

Kings 6, Wild 3, Kings First Line, 18 points in 3 games

Another up and down effort by the Los Angeles Kings, filled with plenty of goals. And another impressive night from the Fugly line of Ryan Smyth, Anze Kopitar and Justin Williams, who have dominated the Kings scoring for the first 3 games. Ryan Smyth's play has been nothing less than stellar and he and Kopitar are really clicking.

Worst episode of Blind Date ever.

This may be the first season in a long time that opposing teams won't be starting their backup goalies against the Kings. (Minnesota, I believe you learned that lesson the hard way tonight.) I've been pounding the drum of Ryan Smyth since he was first rumored to be traded to the Kings during last season. But I had no idea he'd be this good and fit this well into Terry Murray's system. For a while there tonight, it looked like that line could have scored each shift. And if Smyth wasn't doing well enough already during his time in Hollywood... there were a couple of casting directors at the game tonight looking to put Ryan in a re-make of a 80's classic.

I mean, they said it was big, but I didn't expect it to be BIG!

Sure it's only 3 games in, but man the Kings penalty kill looks horrible. After starting last season with an amazing penalty killing streak, this season the Kings have given up 7 goals in 11 shorthanded chances. It's enough to make your hair turn white.

Aw, hell! Another power play goal against.

Maybe Jack Johnson should be spending a little less time hanging out at USC and a little more time listening to Coach Mark Hardy.

Umm... when they asked me if I wanted to hang out on a college campus
I didn't think it'd be all dudes.

I'm less worried about the Kings awful penalty kill and more excited about the 15 goals in 3 games. Sure the first line has been dominant, but the 3rd line is chipping in and even little Teddy Purcell has looked like the goal scorer everyone was hoping he'd be. The Kings seem like they are really settling in and getting comfortable as a team. Why then... it's the perfect time to take a 6 game cross country road trip!

That doesn't look like a tough road trip at all.
Oh! It's the New York Rangers and the Detroit Red Wings. Yeah, that might be tough then.

It's a shame that the Kings head out on the road for so long, so early in the season. The fans are just starting to get to know the players.

Hey. I'm Ryan. I make goals happen.

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