Monday, October 12, 2009

The 1300th Win is the Toughest

Fear not, my New York Islander faithful... for you have the makings of an exciting team in the future. Do not forget that the Islanders have been to the playoffs 3 more times than the Los Angeles Kings in the last 6 years. All you have to do is look at what the Kings are doing so far in this young season to know that your team has a bright future ahead of them. And as soon as the team is ready to explode into the playoffs... it will be moved to Kansas City or some small town in Canada and you will be shit out of luck.

Kings 2, NY Islanders 1

Forget the great victory tonight on Long Island that was the Kings 1300th overall... the real big news for Kings fans came earlier today from the ESPN NHL Power Rankings...

Let's see... Mike Richards... Marian Gaborik... oh, why that's Ryan Smyth!

Half Season Ticket Holder Buddy said it best... "how foreign is it to see a Kings uniform featured in something...anything!?!" He is absolutely right. And how crazy is it to see the Kings ranked as the #3 team in the league? Granted it is only 5 games into the season... but for long suffering Kings fans... we'll take whatever we can get. What is the only thing cooler than being featured on the ESPN Power Rankings banner heading? Well, this...

Yeah, I've heard of some of those guys.

What is the only thing cooler than Anze Kopitar tied for the most points in the league? Well, this...

Quincey? Who's heard of that guy?

It almost seems like the Kings are scoring at will.

Ok... so I'll take the puck across the blueline and then score. And Williams will get the 2nd assist.
No... I'll take the puck across the blueline and then score. And Williams will get the 2nd assist.
Let's just agree to score.
You got it, Smythy.

The Kings are just playing at a great pace. Sure, it would have been awesome to beat the Islanders by a bigger margin... but these aren't the Islanders of the last few years. They've been tough to beat this season, losing all 3 games in overtime or shootout. All of the Kings lines are looking strong and the defense seems to have its game back from last season. And Raitis Ivanans is willing to fight the nastiest of Bond Villans if it means pumping up his team.

Joel Rechlicz just might be the scariest looking dude in the NHL.

But I think we all know the real reason for the recent success of the Los Angeles Kings... Ryan Smyth eats babies for scoring power in between periods.

Smyth might be taking my Patrick Bateman comparison a bit too seriously.

The great thing about the Kings playing so well is that you can enjoy the features that Fox Sports West airs in between periods. For instance, tonight, the Kings unveiled their plan to single-handedly revitalize the airline industry.

If you don't fly Androl Air... then the terrorists have won.

And the Kings also had a special sneak preview of the new Steven Soderbergh Liberace bio-pic...

Man, that is one gay Fox.

Kings fans also got an up and close view of how new defenseman Rob Scuderi spends that 13.6 million dollar contract...

Just cause a dude is making 3.4 mil a year doesn't mean he can't buy a POÄNG chair from Ikea.

The House of the Piece.

Just once I'd like to see a Kings player not live in Redondo Beach. Like how cool would it be if Ryan Smyth said "Yeah, I'm really excited to get settled in Encino" or if Jack Johnson is interviewed by Heidi Androl about his house in South Pasadena.

But the biggest surprise tonight was the upcoming horror feature from Fox Sports West HD... just in time for Halloween..."The Clock From Hell!"

Keep your eye on the upper left hand corner.

Ugh, Fox Sports West HD... this is getting so embarrassing. Now you are just begging for people to be friends with you.

Look, FS West... this isn't working out.

That's 2-0 on the current 6 game road trip. Wednesday night the Kings have a date in Manhattan with the New York Rangers. Thank god the game is on at 4pm instead of 11am.

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