Thursday, October 1, 2009


I find it so weird to watch Rob Blake skate for the San Jose Sharks. And now they went and made him Captain.


I've shared my thoughts on Rob Blake before so I'm not going to dwell on how much I worshiped him when I was a young Kings fan... a carefree boy with a dream of watching his favorite hockey team go to the Stanley Cup Finals...

Sweet-sweet 1993.

That same boy who watched Rob Blake become a premiere NHL defenseman...

Awesome collar!

The lean years.

And that boy who hung his head low during his subsequent trade to Colorado.

Suck it, LA.

Today, I just can't get used to seeing him in the Teal of San Jose.

It's not teal, it's aquamarine!

It just reminds me of some other great hockey players.

Over the years, Rob Blake has shown that he has the qualities that NHL coaches want in an NHL captain. And now San Jose is hoping he will lead the NHL's most talented team deep into the playoffs and to a Stanley Cup. Fear not, my friends to the north... it can't go wrong. I mean, remember the last team that Rob Blake was a captain for?

Your 2007-2008 team leaders for the 32-43-7 Los Angeles Kings.

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