Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Heidi Chronicles

Maybe since Patrick O'Neal (wow, didn't see that bio coming at all, did you?! Rebecca De Mornay?) is SO terrible as the 3rd broadcaster during the Los Angeles Kings telecasts, I thought the recent "call-up" of Heidi Androl to the television broadcasting team from the internet broadcasting team wasn't such a bad idea... even though my Half Season Ticket Holder buddy doesn't see what the fuss is about when it comes to her.

But during Friday's Fox Sports West broadcast of the Kings-Canes game, some producer took "subtlety" to a whole new level.

Here's Heidi on the City Terrace. Maybe she was just there for the garlic fries.

Here's Heidi chillaxing with The Briggs. That dude on the lower left is SO high.

Oh look now! Heidi's in one of the suites with Supergirlfriend Rachel Hunter.

Quick! Let's play "Who Knows Less about Hockey?" Aw shucks, it's a tie.

So, not only has Heidi been in 4 live standups, she's now appearing in a taped piece.
She's just hanging with her girls..... her Ice Girls!

Wanna come back to the Hills and play with my "Snow Dogs" money?

3:2 odds that Heidi is dating a player by season's end. Oh, I think it's happened before!

If I'm Patrick O'Neal.... I'm freshening up that resume, ASAP. Don't forget who else started off as as NHL sideline reporter.

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