Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jamaican Me Crazy!

Well, I just returned from a 5 day trip to Jamaica where I was able to rest and relax after a long summer of working my real job.

This is as close to Jamaican Ice Hockey as you are going to find.

As I suspected, the Los Angeles Kings continued to play their pre-season games even though I was out of town and for the first time in a long while... it seems like the Kings have their first 3 lines all set. Especially their top line of Anze Kopitar, Ryan Smyth and Justin Williams. This trio has 8 points in 8 pre-season games and gives the Los Angeles Kings the possibility of a dominant first line that hasn't been seen since the days of the LAPD Line.

Not that LAPD line!

No, I'm talking about the line of Jason Allison, Ziggy Palffy and Adam Deadmarsh that lit up the NHL for one glorious season. That was the last time the Kings had a bonafide first line and the last time they made the playoffs. No offense to the recent first line of Brown, Kopitar & O'Sullivan... but these players were definite first liners.

Now Dean Lombardi is hoping his acquisition of Jason Williams and Ryan Smyth pays off in some chemistry with Anze Kopitar. Smyth is on the downside of his career, but has consistently been a first line player. Williams is full of potential... the only limit to him is how he rebounds from some big injuries the last few seasons. If these 3 can get going as a first line... the only real challenge will be coming up with a name for them.

How about the "Only a Face a Mother Could Love" Line?

Finally, I want to put one rumor to rest... I have not been asked by the Daily News to take over for Rich Hammond when he leaves to blog for the Kings. Even though Eklund has it at an e12. Many congrats to Rich for making this move and he has assured his readers that the Kings will not be censoring his reports. But before all you nerd hockey bloggers out there feel like blogging for an NHL team would be the next logical step for you after having a Blogspot site... please remember that Rich Hammond worked at an actual newspaper (even if it was the Daily News) for over 10 years and is a seasoned sports reporter. It's not like the Kings emailed me and said "hey dipshit, awesome screenshot of Heidi Androl... wanna come blog for us?" But that would be awesome if they did.

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