Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Old Gray Lady

When I set out to start this blog just about a year ago, I had one goal in mind. No, it wasn't to provide witty analysis and hilarious screencaps of the inner workings of the Los Angeles Kings. (although that has been a great bonus) No... my goal... as it is with any hockey blogger that sets out to put their thoughts on their favorite team to an internet bulletin board for a handful of people to read... was to make it into the New York Times. And that goal, my friends, has been achieved.

Ha-ha-ha! He is right! Heidi Androl is so ridiculous!

I was asked by the awesome Slap Shot Blog at the New York Times.com to be the Los Angeles Kings voice for their Hockey Night in Blogdom series. So, here it is... the Western Conference preview. With a special appearance by yours truly.

In other, less cool news... the Los Angeles Kings have set their roster for the 2009-2010 NHL season.

Doughty - Doughty - Doughty
Doughty - Doughty - Doughty
Doughty - Doughty - Doughty
Doughty - Harrold - Doughty

Doughty - Doughty
Doughty - Doughty
Doughty - Doughty

That's right. The Kings are going on all-out blitz to make 19-year-old Drew Doughty the NHL's most marketable player. Okay, fine... here is the real line-up:

Smyth - Kopitar - Williams
Purcell - Stoll - Brown
Frolov - Handzus - Simmonds
Ivanans - Lewis - Harrold
Richardson/Clune (IR)

O'Donnell - Doughty
Johnson - Scuderi
Drewiske - Greene


Of course, this won't be the opening night line-up due to O'Donnell's suspension, but this is pretty much the team you'll be looking at all season. Until Frolov gets traded.

Yup, it's gonna happen Kings fans.

Is there an NHL player with worse luck than Richard Clune? (Hmm, I can think of one.) Last preseason, he impresses the management and then suffers a freak chest bone breaking incident during a fight. This year, he impresses again and then suffers a groin pull and now will start the season on the sidelines.

Just a quick stretch to the right and OH MY GOD THE PAIN!! NOT AGAIN!! WHY MEEEEE!?! WHY!

It's a shame because Clune seems like a great little agitator, something the Kings have been missing since they parted ways with fashion icon Sean Avery. As I look over this line-up it's hard to not be pleased with it. It's a good mixture of scoring potential and solid defense. That 3rd line of Frolov, Handzus and Simmonds will be definitely one to watch this year as I feel Simmonds is ready to "tear shit up" in the NHL this season.

NHL... get ready to be my bitch.

And the other thing I look at with this roster is the lack of that one player that all you do is make fun of. (Although Rudy Kelly at BOC makes a great case for one player.) Last year you could take your pick... Calder, Gauthier, LaBarbera. Since, I'm actually the one Kings fan who enjoys watching Peter Harrold play, I guess for me, this year it's gonna be Brad Richardson. But I'll reserve my judgment till opening night. Which is in 4 freakin' days!!!

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slanderific said...

yay! great job in the NYT. yer wit abounds!