Sunday, November 22, 2009

Flaming Hot

At 11:46pm on Friday night I received this email from Half Season Ticket Holder Buddy:

"were you thinking we had a game tomorrow like I was?"

We had traded our October 25th game against the Columbus Blue Jackets for a later game against the Calgary Flames. Naturally, we had assumed that Calgary game was Saturday's 1pm game and had been preparing for it most of the week. Luckily, Half Season Ticket Holder Buddy actually took the time to look at the ticket and realized that it wasn't for this particular home game against the Calgary Flames but rather the one in 2 weeks. So thankfully, we were spared having to view the Los Angeles Kings suck in person. Until at least next Saturday.

Of course Quick couldn't make that save... look at all the traffic in front of him.

I don't want to talk about this game. The Kings played horribly and fell apart in the 3rd period. So luckily, The Los Angeles Kings' broadcast on Fox Sports West provided me with the only thing I like more than watching ice hockey in HD.... hot chicks in bikinis!

Power = Passion = Bikinis on the Beach

In a rather "R" rated broadcast of Los Angeles Kings hockey, throughout the entire game, the behind-the-scenes video for the Making of the LA Kings Ice Crew Calendar was promoted. And for one night, sideline reporter Patrick O'Neal was the luckiest man in show business.

I had a dream like this once, but Patrick O'Neal was nowhere to be found in it.

The most bizarre moment of the night was during the interview featured above with Debbie. Patrick O'Neal said pretty much out of nowhere "your parents must be so thrilled." Debbie answered the question with a smile, but you could tell she really wanted to say "what the hell is that supposed to mean?" It was almost the same look Justin Williams shot Patrick earlier in the night.

"Why don't you get out there and try to play without Smyth. See how you do."

In between the 2nd and 3rd period, they unveiled the behind the scenes video. And of course, the most exciting Kings ice girl of them all was leading the charge.

The video you are about to see is almost as sexy as Alexander Frolov shopping for clothes.

This video was originally broadcast on KingsVision, which is the Kings online video library. And as the readers of this blog know... most of the videos you see on the internet... look like this.

Perfect for the whole family to get together and watch. Let's not forget... this was an 1pm afternoon game. This footage wasn't airing after 9pm. But the Kings are risk takers... I mean, we are talking about an organization that released this photo on its officially sanctioned Twitter feed a few hours before this game even started.

Kings girl who just fell off a mechanical bull...
or freeze frame from a David Lynch film?
You decide.

The only thing hotter than that photo?

This one.

The girl on the right is also featured on the mat of the mechanical bull. Her name is Carrlyn and her father Frank, was an NHL defenseman. I'm surprised Coach Murray hasn't tried her at left wing yet.

The Los Angeles Kings Ice Crew Calendar... a great holiday gift and a great way to distract passionate Kings fans from remembering that their team is not playing so well right now.

Lost 3 of the last 5 what now?

Okay I promised I wouldn't talk about hockey so instead I'll talk about how much I love corporate America. Why do I love corporate America? Because of stuff like this.

This Los Angeles Kings broadcast is sponsored by DirecTV.

A few minutes later, check out the logo below the Kings one...

No! This Los Angeles Kings broadcast is sponsored by Time Warner Cable!

Nice move, Fox Sports West ad sales team... getting both DirecTV and Time Warner Cable to buy some space on a Kings game. Has anyone thought about getting someone from ad sales on that first line left wing? They seem to know how to get it done.

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Horseracing Bookmakers said...

oh I recall that October 25th game against the Columbus Blue Jacket, I went to the stadium to see it, it was awesome, there were really hot cute girls there ;)