Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Real Hockey Fans of New Jersey

I've been on assignment in the beautiful state of New Jersey for the past 2 weeks. I thought I'd be able to weblog about the Los Angeles Kings more during this time, but unfortunately my real life got in the way of my fanaticism of hockey. But being on the east coast is a great experience for a hockey fan. You can be watching the World Series with co-workers and say "yeah, but I'm more of a hockey fan than anything else" and people don't look at you as strangely as they do on the west coast. And then one day you are walking back to your corporate apartment and you see this.

So what has really changed since I left on October 21st? Not much... the Kings haven't lost a game in regulation... going 4-0-2. Justin Williams was out for a few games and no one blinked... especially Wayne Simmonds. It turns out that Scott Parse just needed 5 years to figure out how to play in the NHL. Jason LaBarbera still sucks. And this is a bad-ass photo:

Just another day at the office.

So I return tomorrow just in time to see the Penguins come and visit Staples Center on Thursday. Sure it's fun to beat up on the Columbus's, the Dallas's and the Phoenixeses (?) of the league... but here is a great chance for the Kings to make a statement against one of the leagues best. And by "leagues best" I mean the team that is 2 points ahead of the Kings.

Top 5 teams on the board!

Jersey has been a kind mistress to me... I had hoped to make it to some sort of a combination of a Devils, Rangers or Islanders game... but I'll have to wait till next time. I'm ready to get back home and not have wait up until 10:30pm to watch the Los Angeles Kings.

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