Monday, November 9, 2009

Blacked Out!

So I was unable to watch the Los Angeles Kings lose on Saturday to the Nashville Predators. We are living in the times of NHL Center Ice Packages and Illegal Internet Streaming sites when it comes to watching hockey games... but if neither team is broadcasting the game to their home fans... then nobody gets to see it. Nobody. And from what I read about the game... maybe it was better that no one was able to see it.

Kings 1, Nashville Predators 3

Have you ever seen a picture that so captures a Kings loss? Oh... you mean this next one?

Yeah, I think that captures "game we should have won" much better.

So, whatever. The Kings lost to the Predators on Saturday, a team they should have beat. Everyone knows that seasons are not made with one individual win or loss. (Unless it's a win where you beat the defending Stanley Cup Champion... then your season is totally made in that one win!) No, seasons are made by how you respond to those wins and losses. So tonight, against the Chicago Blackhawks the Kings have a great opportunity to show off how they can respond to a crappy loss... and they get to do it on a national platform on Versus! I can't wait to watch this game tonight!

That's right! I have DirecTV and this season the exclusive home of NHL Hockey in the US, Versus, has made it even more difficult to watch your favorite sport on television! So I will have to find some illegal way to watch this game tonight.

At least I get the NHL Network and I'll be able to watch the Hockey Hall of Fame induct a bunch of players who seemed old when I was a kid.... include LA's own President of Business Operations, Luc Robitaille. Is he going into the Hall of Fame under the executives category? The guy has done a great job in just 2 years!

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