Saturday, November 28, 2009

Vote For Royal

The good folks over at the NHL Arena are running some sort of Blog Contest for all the NHL Teams. And yours truly has been included with the initial 12 teams.... 12? 12?!?... there are 12 Los Angeles Kings blogs??!?! That means there is 1 blog for every forward that plays for the Kings. Yikes, the internet is stupid.

This is the image that comes up when you Google Image Search for "LA Kings Blogger."

So you obviously come to The Royal Half for a reason. You are either personal friends with me... or... you come here thinking that it's Battle of California. So let's take a stand, Friends of Royal Half and cast a vote for me against all the other Kings sites that don't have hockey dick jokes and humorous screencaps! (Except for Life in Hockeywood, Kings Kool-Aid, Mayors Manor and My Views from Section 310... those guys are cool.)

You can go here to vote: Kings Blog Off - Round 1

You have to register for your vote to count, so if you could spend 5 minutes doing it... I would forever be your internet friend and I promise to continue my hard-hitting journalism of all things Los Angeles Kings! Like these:

All hail the internet... AND GO KINGS GO!


Matt said...

Here's to nerd hockey bloggers!

Chris Kontos said...

Here! Here!