Wednesday, November 11, 2009

P O'd

Well it's always an honor when The Royal Half gets a little action in the hockey blog-o-sphere. But imagine our surprise when a glowing review of this site came in from the immortal Pensblog!

...some LA Kings blog no one will ever read.
-The Pensblog 9/9/09

One particular post from last week has inspired a little friendly ribbing between hockey blog gods PuckDaddy and Pensblog. PuckDaddy was kind enough to link to my post about the Sydney Crosby urinal cards featured during the November 5th game. And Pensblog, understandably so, is tired of seeing its favorite player get peed on in opposing NHL rinks. So Pensblog retaliated the best way he knew how... by pissing on Puck Daddy.

Keep an eye out at Pensblog as they will collect user submitted photoshops of NHL Superstar Sydney Crosby peeing on things. I love the internet.

So remember all that talk about Coach Murray "shaking" things up for tonights game against the hapless Carolina Hurricanes? So the big changes? Old man Sean O'Donnell gets a night off and spare defensemen Randy Jones and Peter Harrold get the call. And enforcer Raitis Ivanans sits because the Hurricanes can't afford to lose anymore players. Oh and the Kings backup goalie starts for the 2nd time all season. Earth shattering!

Hey guys! Did you hear! I'm starting tonight! I'M STARTING!
You're not gonna have Erik Ersberg to kick around anymore!

Erik Ersberg reminds me of Cricket from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

This guy has won as many games this season as Ersberg.

So let's see what the ever expanding Dean Lombardi Philadelphia pipeline will bring with Randy Jones in the lineup tonight. And let's see how Ersberg responds to being called out pretty much all season by Coach Murray for his inefficient play. It's LA Kings hockey and this time... it's televised!

For the hockey perspective from the Deep South be sure to check out Red and Black Hockey and CanesCountry.


CLS said...

So does that mean that Danny Devito will slash Ersberg's neck with a trash can? God I love that show...

Chris Kontos said...

It really is the best.