Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Family Affair

Now that's more like it! This was one of the best games I've seen in person this season and if the Los Angeles Kings can continue to play at this level until Ryan Smyth comes back... then the team will be alright. Sure, the Chicago Blackhawks played the day before and were at the end of a long road trip... but for this game... the Kings were playing Coach Murray style hockey. Jon Quick has now had a couple consistent games in a row and then this guy is picking up the slack for Anze Kopitar.

They call me Wayne for a reason, bitches!

Kings 2, Blackhawks 1

Everyone has been talking such great things about the Chicago Blackhawks... and how they are the best team in the West right now after crushing San Jose 7-2. But coming into this game the Blackhawks only had 2 more wins than the Kings. (Yes, yes, I know the Blackhawks have played 2 less games... details, details) There were quite a few fans representing Chicago at the game tonight but they were much less vocal than any group of fans that have come into the Staples Center this season.

Wow, Arnason had 20 goals as rookie.
Now he's in the KHL.

At least Kings fans don't make such irresponsible choices with their $300 personalized jerseys.

Dude... too soon.

After spending Thanksgiving playing with my niece and nephew, I think I finally understand the Kings' difficulty with Alexander Frolov. He is the square peg... and Coach Murray is trying to fit him into the triangle, the circle and the rectangle... and Coach Murray doesn't really seem to have a square for him to fit into.

A rare glimpse inside the Kings coaches room.

I really like the way Michal Handzus, Wayne Simmonds and Scott Parse are playing together. If Smyth was back on the 1st line... Kings fans would be praising Wayne Simmonds great secondary scoring instead of the primary scoring he's been doing for the team. Jarret Stoll and Dustin Brown are basically soulmates out there... and it pains me to say it... because I hated him so much last year... but at this point, I'd rather see Brad Richardson skate with those 2 instead of Teddy Purcell. Purcell is so non-existent out there right now and casual fans in the crowd are starting to scream "do something Purcell!" more and more. There has been a lot of talk lately about Matt Moulson's explosion on the Long Island scene... and how the Kings may have given up on him too early. I don't think anyone is really ready to give up on Purcell... but how much longer are Dean Lombardi and Coach Murray going to wait for this guy to do something?

"How cool are those new Jesse James clothes, man!"

Tonight was the special unveiling of the Jesse James line of Kings Specific Lifestyle clothing. Half Season Ticket Holder Buddy and I checked them out during the intermission... and we were not impressed. Besides the obvious douchery of the designs... the clothes themselves felt cheap and the printing of the logos was pretty poor quality. Oh and Kings Marketing Department... if you are trying to get me to buy some new clothing line... covering up the Ice Crew isn't the best way to get your point across.

I liked it better when they were half naked.

But the Kings Marketing department did update the much beloved Cartman from South Park cartoon that has him trash talking the opposing team. Cartman loves the 3rd jersey!

I got a call that a couple of our friends were at the game as well, and they invited us to come sit with them in Section 105. Being the dedicated fans that we are... we decided to sit with them during the 2nd period... since the Kings were shooting at that end. The seats were actually really nice.

As the period went on, Half Season Ticket Holder Buddy noticed that we were only a few rows back from a major celebrity!

Kopitar family in the house!

That's correct... the gentleman on the far right is Matjaz Kopitar... father of the 3rd best scorer in the NHL. I'm sure it must be great for a father to watch their son play hockey... but it must be even cooler when it's one of the best players in the NHL who is in the first year of his 7 year, 6 million dollar per contract. I'm not sure if that was Anze's little brother next to his dad, but I wonder if Keith Gretzky wore a Gretzky jersey to Edmonton Oiler home games?

Ryan Smyth skated today, a day ahead of schedule. The Kings are very smart in not trying to rush him back. It doesn't seem like the Kings are making any call-ups from Manchester right now... but I have to imagine that Teddy Purcell's time on the any of the first 4 lines is very limited.


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