Friday, November 13, 2009

Front Page Power

Back when the Los Angeles Kings were terrible (as recent as last season)... the Kings marketing department wouldn't so much sell the Kings team but rather the particular team they happened to be playing that night. Seen the front page of the Atlanta Thrashers website lately?

I still can't get over seeing "NHL Scoring Leader" and "Kopitar" in the same sentence.

It's true... the Kings have turned into a road draw. I never thought I'd see the day. But lest you think that Kovalchuk vs Kopitar is the only battle going on tonight in the great state of Atlanta. No... it's also the battle of the under 20, studly defensemen as 19-Year-Old Drew Doughty takes on 19-Year-Old Zach Bogosian. That particular storyline only made the front page of

'When Kids Collide' sounds like a Dateline NBC special.

It's the 20th game of the season for the Kings. 1/4 of the season gone. And the Kings are the 6th best team in the NHL.

As always, check out the incomparable HildyMac at Wazzupwitchu for all your Thrashers (and Blues!) needs.

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