Friday, November 27, 2009

Blame Canada

There's no better way to celebrate the great holiday of Thanksgiving than to watch the Los Angeles Kings battle against 2 teams on the road in Canada! The Canadians hate the freedom that we provide for them and they throw it back in our face by not celebrating Thanksgiving. So these 2 games weren't just about getting crucial points in the Western Conference... no... these games were about freedom!

Canada may not have Thanksgiving but they have cool hockey graphics.

Kings 3, Oilers 1

A solid effort overall by the Kings in Game 1 of their back to back Canadian Thanksgiving Road Trip. Now, I know that the Edmonton Oilers have really embraced the retro-1980's look this season... but this is just getting ridiculous. Look what they had playing goal for them tonight...

Oh.... not DeLorean? I see now....

If I hadn't already known that the Oilers were participating in a mustache growing event for charity... I might have thought that they had a team of pedophiles... or even worse... hipsters!

God, I'm so glad no one on the Kings looks as lame as these guys!

Kings fans... lock up your children.

Maybe Patrick O'Sullivan was right... the Canadian Press does care more about hockey than they do in LA. The Edmonton broadcast of this game featured an "in-depth" profile of the teeth problems that 19-Year-Old Drew Doughty had this season. And they took it to a level I've never seen Rich Hammond go.

Feed me, Seymour.

Los Angeles Kings 19 year old uber-rookie Andrei Loktionov made his NHL debut in this game centering a line between Dustin Brown and fellow Russian Alexander Frolov.

Loktionov is one of the very promising rookies in the Kings system and his debut, although sudden, was one that many Kings fans were looking forward to. So how'd it turn out?

Awesome! That's how it went!

So with memories of the 2003-2004 season in the back of Kings fans heads... this team is now facing an injury crisis. So what do you do when 3 of your starters and the 1 rookie that was supposed to replace them are all out? You get all "Dean Lombardi Crafty"... that's what you do!

Welcome to the Bigs!

Did you even know there was such a thing as a one game contract? No, of course you didn't... but Dean Lombardi did. So Dean had 2009 #1 Draft Pick Brayden Schenn suit up for the Kings last night versus the Vancouver Canucks. Schenn made it through the whole game with his shoulder intact but the Kings had another now-patented 3rd Period Meltdown© and lost 4-1.

So what are the Kings to do next? With Smyth still out for another few weeks (it may be longer... Smyth didn't travel on this trip and I have a feeling this injury might be worse than the Kings are letting on) and Stoll out and Scuderi out and our prospects terrified of getting called up for fear of their arms being ripped out of the sockets... Dean Lombardi has to make a trade soon, right? Right?


Anonymous said...

Big trade or not, I just wish the Kings could remember how to win faceoffs. Although I can't imagine it getting dramatically better tonight against the Blackhawks. Maybe they'll be too sad after getting shut out by the Ducks that Patrick Kane won't even want to play.

Chris Kontos said...

Even though he hasn't been as lights out as last year... having Stoll back in the lineup tonight should help. But yeah, how come all the Kings centers have forgotten how to take faceoffs?