Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tipped Off!!!

Of all the unemployed Head Coaches, in all the NHL, in all the divisions, he comes back to mine.

Today, the no-name coach of the Phoenix Coyotes stepped down and in his place, Dave Tippett is returning to the Pacific Division... after not even being unemployed for a full NHL summer.

Yes, this is a photo from a professional sports league.
Yes, that is a smiling whale on his left shoulder.

My man-crush on Dave Tippett has been documented on this blog before... fired in June after leading the Dallas Stars to a 271-156-59 record in six seasons and two division titles, Dave Tippett has returned to torment me and the Kings... even if he is coaching that train wreck of a franchise formerly known as the Winnipeg Jets.

Yeah, I don't think this is really working out.

It's no surprise that Wayne Gretzky stepped down today. The fiasco that has been going on in Phoenix over the past few months is just the first of what could happen in all the pro sports leagues in the post-economic crash world, not just the NHL. This will be the first season in the NHL that the true affects of people not spending money will be felt and in truth, there are just some teams that shouldn't be operating. Relocation will probably be the answer for this team but it really should be contraction. The Coyotes made all the wrong decisions... from putting their arena in a part of town that hockey fans weren't willing to drive to... to bonehead free agent signings and trades that have kept the team from winning for 10 years. If the team wins... it stays. Everyone loves a winner. But now, this team will probably play out its last season in the desert and then head east. Somewhere in Canada would be the best economic answer... but the NHL is too idiotic to let it be that easy. No, they will probably force the team to move to Kansas City or now maybe the Pacific Northwest... where it will be another 10 year project that is doomed to fail. It's a sad fate for a franchise that once had a great logo.

I really don't care where the Coyotes move to... as long as it's out of the Pacific and they take Dave Tippett and his power play mastery with them. Check out the great coverage of the Tippett hire and the Gretzky fire (step down, rather) over at Five For Howling. So Tippett returns to the Pacific AND we have to play 6 games against this assclown who is now coaching in Dallas.

In either an awesome coincidence or the greatest programming move ever... the NHL Network is showing the 1985 Oilers-Jets playoff series tonight. Gretzky vs the Winnipeg Jets. I love it.

October 3rd can't get here soon enough.

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