Friday, September 18, 2009

Ad Wizards

With the start of a new NHL season rapidly approaching, the ad wizards of AEG have taken to the streets to sell this product known as "the 2009-2010 Los Angeles Kings." It looks like we are entering year 2 of the relatively unknown Einstein equation "Pride=Passion=Power." At least they are sticking with it for more than one year in a row... anyone remember the multitude of slogans the team has had over the past few years? Serious Hockey. Play Hard. We Play For LA. We are the Kings. Kings Rule.

As Don Draper would say, there is truth in advertising. AEG should just be honest and have the tagline "this could possibly/maybe/better be the year... that we make the playoffs."

This is the closest image I could find to Don Draper on ice.

Over the past few weeks I've noticed more and more ads around Los Angeles for the Kings. The Kings may be a small time ticket in the big LA Sports market... but that doesn't mean that can't afford one of them fancy electronic billboard thingys.

Look ma! We on TV! Kinda.

What's that you say? Getting hit by Jack Johnson is like having a bus run over you? Well now's your chance!

Look, I'm sorry my iphone doesn't have a zoom.
But trust me, it's freakin' Jack Johnson on the back of a bus.

Jack Johnson is starting to blow up as a marketable player. Check out this commercial that he appears in for a millisecond. But he's rockin' the old school crown.

It's like when J.S. Aubin was in that AMP commercial a few years ago. What marketing executive is sitting around and says "GET ME JACK JOHNSON AND GET HIM NOW!"

But then yesterday, I was driving in Silverlake on Santa Monica Blvd and I saw this on the side of a building:

Now that is a cool fucking poster. That is a poster I would want for myself. Even if they did have to lighten up Kopitar's tinted visor. (Yeah, that's right, your most marketable player basically wears sunglasses every game. Really helpful for selling identity.)

Ugh, you are always covering your eyes. You have such beautiful eyes!

Oh, and of course. In true Hollywood fashion, the Kings are "launching" a new commercial on Monday for the upcoming season. And in true self-absorbed Hollywood fashion... they created a behind-the-scenes for the commercial.

Sadly, this isn't even the best commercial in the Pacific Division. That honor comes from our rivals up north... the San Jose Sharks.

I'm off for a little R&R for 5 days to a far away land where hockey and hockey coverage does not exist. So hopefully nothing crazy will be going on with the Kings till I get back next Wednesday, like them trading Doughty or Oscar Moller and Raitis Ivanans getting into a fight.


Brian said...

How is it that the Sharks, from that media mecca known as San Jose, can make a funny commercial, but the Kings look like they're making an aerobics video?

Chris Kontos said...

I think it's from all that Silicon Valley money they have up there.