Friday, September 11, 2009

Complete Bull

Sometimes I can't stand the internet. And with Twitter and Hockey Rumor Mongering... I hate it even more. Check out this monstrosity from one of my favorite go-to hockey sites, Kukla's Korner:

But wait... there's more....

I love Kukla's and I don't blame them for this at all, they are just reporting it. But seeing it all laid out like that is ridiculous. It all starts with a fucking twitter post (from John Buccigross!) and explodes into a full-on article about how this trade is a go. Thank god Sheriff Dean Lombardi is there to be able to call this trade what it really is... complete bull.

Do I look like I'm fucking kidding?

This trade makes no sense. Sure Marleau is a Lombardi guy. Dean drafted him and Marleau played under him for 6 years. But would the San Jose Sharks really trade their former captain and one of their best players to a division rival? And would Dean really take on a 29 year old with a 6 million dollar cap hit who will be a Free Agent at the end of the season? Even if the Kings re-signed Marleau to a new contract... there goes the money to keep Drew Doughty and Jack Johnson and Jon Quick and Wayne Simmonds around. Marleau would be the #1 center the Kings have been looking for... and with Stoll going the other way (at least to Canada) could you imagine how great Anze Kopitar would be without the pressure of having to be the #1 center? Hmm, I'm starting to like this trade.

No... are you serious? I'm going back to Canada?
But the waitresses are WAY hotter in LA.

But Frolov is the problem with this trade. One of the major storylines for The Royal Half this season will be tracking Alexander Frolov. He is an UFA and is due a big payday... and probably not with the Kings. But trading him now makes no sense. Especially for a player that will be in the EXACT same situation with free agency at the end of the year. Besides, with Frolov gone...the Kings are back to square one with scoring wingers. Is Ted Purcell really going to be able to step in and take the place of 30 goals this season... no.

In a few hours this trade will probably go down and I'll look like an idiot. But the fact that some jerkoff posts a "tweet" that so and so is going to so and so... and then it gets picked up as a major news story... that's just idiotic. Everyone is trying to outscoop each other. But that's the new NHL... in terms of reporting. It just shows you how great Rich Hammond at Inside the Kings is in terms of having all the facts before reporting them. I used to really enjoy reading John Buccigross... but then I realized I only liked him because he was the one personality at ESPN that actually liked hockey. His columns bore me now and instead of posting twitters that drive hockey fans crazy... he should just spend his time thinking of some clever song lyrics to feature in his latest NHL preview.

Be sure to check out Fear the Fin for your Sharks perspective... they have been doing a great job of providing all the coverage of this crazy trade.


Brian said...

Don't hate the tweets - hate the tweeterer

CLS said...

Good stuff, Kontos.

I have to say, although Frolov was half the reason I originally found the Kings intriguing way back when, he's been a little disappointing to me overall. Wouldn't be surprised if he had a mystery breakout season in his contract year, though.

Chris Kontos said...

I think Frolov is on the same career path as former Dodger Adrian Beltre... flashes of brilliance followed by frustrations then a HUGE contract year. Frolov will get a big payday from some team and then be a huge bust.

Anonymous said...

Well when you're playing on the fucking checking line with Rasputin and Wayne Simmonds what the fuck do you expect?