Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Zeiler! Zeiler! Zeiler!

The swift hand of NHL justice has come down and handed a 3 game suspension to Los Angeles Kings forward (?) John Zeiler. The legitimate blog world has been all over this story.

John Zeiler is not a particularly good ice hockey player. If the NHL didn't have 30 teams, he wouldn't be on an NHL roster. He's the kind of player that brings fans together... to goof on him. And after wearing #73 the last few seasons... this year, Zeiler is rocking #13.

John Zeiler doing his best Michael Cammalleri impression.
Shoot from the knee!

I've never understood what Andy Murray, John Torchetti (whoops... Zeiler didn't play for them, that was Jeff Guilano.. same difference) Marc Crawford and now Coach Murray liked about Zeiler's play. Sure, he's an "energy" player, but most of the time he misses the player with a check and hits the boards instead... at top speed of course. And he usually jumps in the air to make those checks. So if he does hit the player... it's a charging call.

It figures that the one time Zeiler actually connects with a body... he gets suspended.

Will the Kings miss John Zeiler? No. The game in which he hit Adam Foote from behind was only his 2nd game back. I guess the only question is who Coach Murray puts in for him. Does Peter Harrold come back in as defense/forward or does Derek Armstrong get a showcase for a possible trade?

Tonight is game #20 for the Kings, against the Flames in Calgary. 19 points in 19 games. Not too shabby. The game isn't on television... well, it is but I don't have the Center Ice package. Looks like this will be a night spent listening on the ole' streaming computer box.


reeces said...

Is the title of this post supposed to be read like, "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!"?

I enjoy reading your blog!


Chris Kontos said...

It is supposed to read that way. Thanks for reading and commenting!