Monday, November 10, 2008

The 2nd Line

Over the last few games, the 2nd line of Alexander Frolov, Jarett Stoll and rookie Oscar Moller has played well. Moller continues to impress nightly with his offensive potential... Stoll's addition to the team is a definite reason that the Kings have improved their defense... and Frolov, even though he may not be scoring at the same pace as years past, has become a better all-around player this season.

But the real reason for success of this particular line? Why it's their new nickname.

The Kings 2nd Line. A sweet blend of Swedish, Russian and Canadian flavors.

Everyone is always searching for the best nicknames for hockey lines. But I say, for this Kings season, let's buck the trend of naming something "The So and So Line" and just call these guys by their new legal last name.... Frostoller. It just seems to roll off the tongue. No, it's not a new German Microbrew... it's the 2nd line for the Los Angeles Kings.

You heard it here first.

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