Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kings GameDay - Captain Fight Too!

This could be one of the greatest Fan videos I've ever seen.

You can either accept it.... or you just don't.

I love the NHL Team logo curtains he has in his room. It shows that he truly loves the sport of hockey and not just the Stars. Also... this whole thing is shot in one take, Robert Altman style. So either zmanluvstars1 is the next Paul Thomas Anderson or this is the last take of many.

How come Robert Altman and zmanluvstars1 have never been photographed together?
Probably because Altman is dead.

What ever happens tonight... I just hope there is another Captain Fight!

Nothing better than a Captain Fight in Fox-Mo.

UPDATED: zmanluvstars1 has another video. This seems to be his opus.

Yes, zmanluvstars1, nothing else matters.

Thanks to Puck Daddy.

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