Thursday, March 5, 2009

Well, Shit.

I could have gone to this game tonight, but I had to work late and I fly out to the east coast early tomorrow morning until Tuesday. And if that wasn't bad enough... I turned off the illegal internet stream of the game at 3-0 Dallas.

Kings 5, Stars 4, Zeus 3 (OT)

I can't believe I missed a Michal Handzus hat trick. All hail the Justin Williams Era Los Angeles Kings!

Yeah. Really smart to not go to this game. (Sarcastic Clap)


jamestobrien said...

Damn Chris, you missed an INSANE fucking game. Marty Turco cost the Stars a point. That and their sloppy-ness.

The Loss Adjuster said...

I actually kind of forgot about the game in my frustration over their play the last week or so. I got a text alert with the first period score and went, "Oh, crap!"

Congrats to Zus!