Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fine! I'm Leaving!

So I go out of town for 5 days and the Kings win 3 home games. So you know what? Fine... on Monday the 16th, I'm leaving town for 5 weeks so that the Kings will win their remaining games and make it into the playoffs... maybe even as a 7th seed! This is the kind of personal sacrifice I make for the Los Angeles Kings!

What... you are going out of town? NOOOOOOOOO!

I knew when I renewed my Half Season Ticket Package in September that I would be out of town for these 5 weeks at the end of the season. I guess I had just planned on the Kings being totally out of the running for a playoff spot and instead battling to draft John Tavares with the #1 overall draft pick. Don't get me wrong... I'm VERY glad they are battling for a playoff spot.

Sweet! Dad is going out of town! Party!!!

So what does these mean to the fan of The Royal Half blog? Well... don't you worry fan, I'll still be providing my same patent-pending snarky and hysterical analysis of the Los Angeles Kings Hockey Team and Surrounding Properties... just from the other side of the world. I will be watching the games via Slingbox or illegal internet streaming... so the screen-cap humor that you've come to love may not be as frequent. Also, hopefully the people that Half Season Ticket Holder Buddy takes to the game in my place will contribute like Brian did for the Wild game. But I will continue to post regularly as we watch the Kings compete for their first playoff berth in over 7 years... the same amount of time I've been a Half Season Ticket Holder. Sigh.

Matt Greene deals with the shock of me going out of town the only way he knows how.
Self inflicted wounds.

I will also continue to post over at Cycle Like the Sedins. And be sure to keep checking out things over there as James continues to make that site grow. Now, all we need for this whole thing to work is for the Kings to continue their winning ways and for Justin Williams to come back and lead this team to the promised land, tendons or not. After all, the Kings are now 3-0 in the Justin Williams Era.

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