Friday, March 13, 2009

The Greatest Line of All


This is the greatest line the Los Angeles Kings will ever field. Also, in tonights Super-Important Game Kings fans get their season long wish as Kyle Calder is out tonight... just a few days after Half Season Ticket Holder Buddy mentioned how especially worthless Calder has seemed the last few games. Taking Calder's spot on that 2nd line is none other than Peter Harrold. Peter Harrold is the Kordell Stewart of the Kings... powerplay defenseman... 4th line right winger. I've always liked Peter Harrold. I think he has decent offensive instincts and I've been totally fine with the way he's been playing this year. Sure, sometimes he makes a dumb pass or gets run over with his head down, but I'd still rather have him out there than Calder.

Hey, awesome Fox Sports West! Thanks for actually broadcasting this game tonight. Oh wait what? It's an illegal internet stream I have to watch tonight? Okay, what ever you say!

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