Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Blue Jackets Are Coming!

Is this the most important game for the Los Angeles Kings over the past 5 years? Probably the most intentionally important, yes. The Kings win against San Jose last season in the 2nd to last game forced them to draft 2nd instead of 1st ... and in the process get 19 Year Old Drew Doughty. So while that will go down as an important game in the annals of Kings history...it's easy to say that tonight's game against the 6th place Columbus Blue Jackets is the most important game of the last 5 years. Do you understand what I'm saying? Tonight's game is a big one.

A victory tonight keeps the Kings in the race for 8th, better known to the fan of this blog as "Exert for 8th." It also helps this young Kings team get back on track after a disappointing road trip in terms of actual points gained, but promising in terms of overall play.

But a victory tonight could also have uber-GM Dean Lombardi pulling the trigger on a trade that will help this team in the short term, but also importantly in the long term. Lombardi has done an amazing job of putting this franchise in the drivers seats this trading deadline. They are both buyer and seller... and Lombardi isn't going to make the mistake of GM's in the past and pick up a rental player. Just ask Cliff Ronning, Mark Parrish, Anson Carter, Nathan Dempsey and Brent Sopel how that turned out.

So tonight is a must win if the Kings want to make the playoffs. No doubt about that. But even if the Kings lose tonight... the plan that Dean Lombardi put into place almost 3 years ago is coming together. This is going to be a team to reckon with the next few years, especially after Lombardi makes a move at the trading deadline or during summer free agency. Just don't trade Frolov, ok?

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