Sunday, March 8, 2009

Think Wild and Win!

I'm still out on the east coast and this is what I missed on Saturday.

Anze Kopitar's Dance Party USA!

Kings 4, Wild 3

So I missed another chance to see the Los Angeles Kings continue their total NHL dominance in the Justin Williams Era (2-0!) with an important victory over the Minnesota Wild. This team is so bi-polar... or maybe us fans just are. But now the Kings are only 5 points out of that elusive 8th seed again... and looking strong. Plus, Dean Lombardi has Justin Williams as a possible wildcard to help this team if they continue to stay close in the 8th seed pack. I have to stop declaring this team out of the playoff race... even though they are hanging by a snapped Justin Williams tendon.

I was holed up in my hotel room watching the game internet streaming style with a combination of Slingbox and illegally broadcast NHL games.

This is when my connection was bad.

This is when my connection was good.

Definitely not as good as seeing some Moller-Quick man-love in person at Staples...

Quick and Moller take their role in promotion for the
new Dreamworks film "I Love You, Man" a bit too seriously.

Speaking of Wunderkid, Franchise-Saving Goaltender Jonathan Quick... man, the Kings promo department sure is going all in on this one, huh?

Get it? Think QUICK!

As Half Season Ticket Holder Buddy told me, it's too bad that Don Biggs no longer plays in the NHL. I suggested that the Kings pick up former Avalanche goaltender Phillippe Sauve as a backup so the Kings Promo Department could go full "Think Quick and Sauve!" At least the Kings now have a goaltender worth featuring in their ad campaigns. Think of all the failed ticket sales campaigns that the Kings have had from the past:

Storr Now for Savings!
The Cristo-bal shows great ticket savings!
The Playoff Checkmanek is in the Mail!
These Ticket Prices will make you LOLBarbera!

Yeah, I'm pretty sure the Kings Promo Department is excited to have a player named Quick. It just writes itself.

ALSO: For the Wild perspective on this game, be sure to check out the awesome Wild blog at 18,568 Reasons Why. I guess we can stop apologizing to Wild Fans for stealing Patrick O'Sullivan.

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elise said...

Backstrom would go have his worst game of the season a few days after I email you about his new contract and what a great goalie he is. I swear he usually doesn't let in softies like the first two. He just didn't get the pads down quick enough, which he normally is really good at.