Monday, December 1, 2008

Vartan - HOOOOOOO!!!!

You follow the Los Angeles Kings through ups and downs for over 20 years. You start a blog so you can talk about the team. You post ferociously (only because you are off work right now and don't start working again till January). You get some nice feedback on your postings, maybe get a couple repeat commenters... then this happens:

You get featured as a link on a Michael Vartan fan site. And you get over 130 unique visitors to your blog in a manner of hours. I'm not talking about a couple of Alias fans from Los Angeles... I got hits from Italy, Sweden, Japan, Australia, the Philippines and from Israel!

I never watched Alias. I never even knew who JJ Abrams was until I started watching Lost, a season later than all my friends. So when I decided to post about Michael Vartan's interview with Heidi Androl during Saturday's game... I had no idea it would be this popular.

I have no problem with Michael Vartan being a hockey fan or even a Kings fan. I'm all for celebrities supporting hockey. And when Michael Vartan talks about hockey, it's obvious he knows the game... he's much more Tim Robbins than Snoop Dogg, you know what I mean? Also, he seems to be able to convince writers to construct scenes around the game of hockey, no matter how awkward the dialogue:

Does his government job pay for that ice time at the rink?

One more:

Seriously... ice time is expensive... how does he afford it for just 2 people each time?

I invite you to spend some time on the website. It is seriously in-depth. It has a list of enemies of Michael Vartan (including the Atlanta Braves). You'll find fan art, fan songs, a review of an un-aired pilot that he starred in and my favorite... fan created slideshows and videos.

I only wished my website was able to follow the Kings in such amazing detail. Someday... But until that day comes, I'll continue to support the Los Angeles Kings and maybe I'll even run into Michael Vartan at a game. We can share a beer and chat about the worst King ever. I'll say "Todd Elik" and he'll say "Gary Shuchuk" and then we'll laugh and both say "Brad Chartrand."

I'll be at the game tonight against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Your move Vartan.

UPDATE: I wrong this post last night at midnight. In the 9 hours since then, an additional 150 people have come to my blog from As VartanHo "Heather" writes, in her poem "Reason We Appreciate Michael Vartan":

The Korean prison scene in "Crossings."
The Casablanca airport scene in "Prelude."
His fantastic body.
His devotion to the LA Kings.
-- Heather

I, for one, welcome our Michael Vartan overlords to this hockey website. Stay a while... and chat about 18 year old Drew Doughty's chances of winning the Calder Trophy this season.

UPDATE #2: December 1st just ended.... I received 440 unique visitors who all came over from the Michael Vartan fan site. In one day.


Anonymous said...

Dude vartan is a saint!!!! ond this is coming form ireland mad site here any idea where i can find the video of him form the last game!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the photo and article. Michael Vartan as his fans know is a sports fanatic and is an LA Kings supporter from way back. If you meet him (lucky you)you will be in good company - he knows his game.

cheryl said...

producers should start seeing the crowd that michael can draw in! You just have a blogsite (which I assume you don't market heavily) and I happen to have a google alert for michael vartan that's why I was led to this site - imagine how many eyeballs he can bring to a budgetted movie with strong marketing! Michael Vartan is the man! Thanks for keeping us updated about him! (visitor from the Philippines.. I wonder how many hits you got from here)

Anonymous said...

My estimation of the quality of LA Kings fans just keeps going up and up. First Michael Vartan and now you - for your loyalty to said Kings and your appreciation of Vartanpower. We all love him for a reason - actually many reasons. Three cheers to Cheryl - yeah, plus the Weinstein Brothers have a movie full of Michael's hotness (the Australian "Rogue") and they released it in only 10 theaters in this country! What's up with that?
Anyway, Michael has led many of us to the admiration of hockey through his interest in it and those fantastic scenes in Alias - plus his participation in the many "Freeze the Disease" and other celebrity hockey games.

And thank you for this great blog on Michael!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm one of the Webmistresses of, and I'm glad you're enjoying (or at least tolerating) the influx of Vartan fans as a result of your post. MV fans are well aware of his love for hockey and the Kings. If you care at all, we have clips of him filming a promo with the Stanley Cup that's pretty fun. (halfway down the page)

BTW, you totally broke the news of Michael's new mustache for a role!