Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jersey Politics

I was reading the front section of the LA Times today (yes, I still do read Dead Tree Media) and I saw an 1/4 page ad for this:

Whatever your politics are, you have to agree... having a jersey based on a president being elected would be pretty sweet. I would have loved a Chester Arthur 21/81 jersey to wear around town. Is this a great country or what?

Look at the "08". Don't tell me that the new wave of NHL jerseys weren't the inspiration for it.

I went to check out the Xtreme Fanz website and saw that there is a Football, a Basketball and a "Women" option for the Obama jersey... but no ice hockey. So I emailed their customer service department and they informed me that they have no plans to offer a hockey style jersey. It seems that the sport of hockey was a part of this election year, more than any before. Some of that is obvious. But if the Obama 08 campaign was truly about change... isn't it about time we see an Obama hockey jersey for sale? I bet if McCain/Palin had won there would be one.

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