Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sloppy Seconds

I hate losing to a division rival, especially on a night when Dallas wins. I hate losing 4 points in the 3rd periods of back to back games. I hate that the color of the ice on my tv in the 3rd period changed from white to blue to yellow to white to blue. I hate Kyle Calder. I really hate Kyle Calder. No, I mean I REALLY hate Kyle Calder. I hate the Phoenix Coyotes (but I love their uniforms). I hate how the Kings are playing right now.

Kings 2, Coyotes 4

Man, those are some great uniforms.

I think I found out the reason why the Kings aren't scoring so much. They are putting Ivanans on too many lines:

It's really the attention to detail that I love most about Fox Sports West.

Apparently, the Coyotes franchise is on fragile ground. The sooner the NHL gets rid of them, the better. Just make sure another team gets those jerseys. It seems the Coyotes are looking for money where ever they can get it... like slapping Toyota logos onto the seats behind the bench:

Hi, I'm Wayne Gretzky for Scottsdale Toyota.

I hate being a fan of the Kings.


Jargon said...

Remember, remember last year's December.

Chris Kontos said...

I do Jargon. I do.