Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Down Goes Ersberg!

The San Jose Sharks now have 52 points in their first 30 games. That beats an NHL record from... oh... say... 80 years ago! To say the Sharks are having an amazing season is an understatement. A stupid understatment. They are unreal. The Sharks are 8 points ahead of the Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Red Wings. This is a good team. And you know what... the Los Angeles Kings looked like they could have beat them tonight. I'll take the point earned by the Kings against the juggernaut that are the Sharks. But man, has this Kings team looked great in the last 3 games or what?

Kings 2, Sharks 3 (SO)

The biggest question here is the severity of Erik Ersberg's injury. Sure, Jason LaBarbera came in and played solidly... everyone knows the shootout is not his strength... but there is no denying that Ersberg has been incredibly good the last 3 games and if he doesn't get hurt tonight... the Kings would have come out with a victory. It is a shame if Ersberg is out for an extended time, because the Kings really seem to be coming together ever since the Coach Murray's Line Combinations of Fun™ came around. Teddy Purcell is an improvement over Kyle Calder in one huge aspect... he knows how to get the puck to his linemates. Purcell is always looking to feed it to Patrick O'Sullivan or Anze Kopitar. That is how you are going to generate offense on a NHL top line.

Also, the Kings announced today that 19 Year Old Oscar "The Scar" Moller will be allowed to play for Sweden in the World Junior Championships. This is a brilliant move by Dean Lombardi. Oscar has been playing well, even though he is stuck between the 2 tree stumps known as Ivanans and Zeiler. This way Moller gets to go be the Captain of the Swedish team, gain a ton of experience and come back to the Kings at the most in 10 days.

Speaking of Sweden... the ad wizards who created the NHL Hockey meets Hitler Assassination Thriller decided to try a different representative for their films unique subject matter...

At least Slovenia was occupied by the Germans during WW2.

Fox Sports also broke out their sweet holiday themed Snowflake Wipe. Honestly, I think this is one cool looking snowflake.

Soon the Snowflake will be hosting Kings Live.

And finally, the NBC show Chuck is already on its last legs. An interview with the "Kiss of Death" Heidi Androl can't help in its bid to get picked up for another season.

Sweet jacket, bro.


Anonymous said...

What a great game... only to have it squandered by the goaltender. I knew the Kings were going to get the win with Ersberg in the pipes. Then the injury, and LaBarbera takes over and lets the lead slip away. Argh! As soon as he came out to relieve Ersberg, I knew it was over for us. I expected more goals to get through though. It's a good thing that we can block shots so that they never reach Sloppy. I was seriously hoping for us to get a goal in overtime so that we wouldn't have to get obliterated in the shootout. In the Garon/LaBarbera days, Labs could really play the shootout well. That's gone. At least we got 1 point out of it. If Ers is hurt for any great length of time, we will miss the calming affect he has on the team. Labs is so inconsistent, we can't depend on him to be solid game after game or for him to keep his composure after being scored on. At best, Labs is a marginal back-up goalie now. We are going to hurt if Ers is gone for any length of time. Maybe Bernier or Quick can get some NHL time? Who knows? It could suck though. Ers brings composure and confidence to the team.

reeces said...

The snowflake would be a huge improvement on PO'N. I love snowflakes.

We played a great game. I miss Ersberg.

Chris Kontos said...

We are going to miss Ersberg more than we all know.