Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Curbed Enthusiasm

This afternoon, I returned home to find a note taped to my front door. It was an order form for a re-painting of my curbside house numbers.

With my permission, this company will come by tomorrow and re-paint my curb numbers for a small fee. Normally, I wouldn't be all that interested in this service... with things like Google Street View, I believe we have passed by the necessity of curb numbers. But then I looked closer:

A Kings Scene??? What the hell could that be? Would it even be the current logo or would it be the Gretzky era one? And if it was the Gretzky era one... how cool would that be? I have to say, I am seriously considering doing this. I own a Kings hat and a sweatshirt... that is the extent of my fandom. I don't wear a jersey to games. I figure buying Half Season Tickets for the past 6 years, during a playoff drought, is the purest expression of my allegiance to the Los Angeles Kings.

But a logo painted next to my house number on the curb? That could be the ultimate....

1 comment:

PVision said...

Well, it is your IM icon. And its your home screen on your iPhone.