Saturday, October 11, 2008

1 down. 81 to go.

Hi, I'm Jim Fox for Tahiti Village.

The San Jose Sharks are one of the A-List Celebrities in the NHL. They are the ones selling their wedding photos and giving the money to charity, they are the ones throwing private fundraisers for Obama/Biden, they are the ones adopting babies from overseas. The Los Angeles Kings are the D-List. They are appearing on reality shows, they are beating up people at bars, they are shilling for Las Vegas time shares. And this was no more apparent than in the game tonight.

What did you expect? Besides the shiny new Fox Sports graphics (which I like... I'm glad they got rid of the bar across the top of the screen) it was the same old Kings.

Michal Handzus looked much stronger than he did last year. His passes were crisp and he had a few decent offensive chances. Oscar Moller had a couple flashes of excitement, although "Oscar" is one of the worst names for a pro athlete, let alone a hockey player. He is definitely my favorite NHL player named after a Sylvester Stallone movie.

So Jason LaBarbara lost 10 pounds this summer? Is that why the Sharks hit 4 posts? Maybe he should put those pounds back on. Jarret Stoll looked horrible. Imagine how he'll play when his girlfriend Rachel Hunter is in the crowd. Brad Richardson is the Brian Willsie of this current Kings team. And 18 year old Drew Doughty played like an 18 year old would against Joe Thorton and Dan Boyle.... he looked lost and tentative. The Kings seem really high on this kid, but I hope they don't make a mistake in rushing him. Anyone remember Aki Berg? Yeah, me neither.

You don't win NHL games with 13 shots. Hell, you don't win games in the Pasadena Adult League with 13 shots.

At least Dallas lost again.


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PVision said...

Its like you're writing this blog for just you and Evan. So cute.