Friday, December 4, 2009

Winning Ugly

I think I've figured out why Ryan Smyth is taking an extra 2 weeks to rehab his injury. He's pulling some serious Jedi Knight style-training for these young kids and forcing them to learn how to score without him. Honestly, after the hot start the Kings had in October and November, did you really think the Los Angeles Kings would be looking to this guy to pick up the December slack?!?

The guy on the right, not the guy on the left.

Kings 6, Ottawa 3

Wayne Simmonds is officially on fire. And Kings fans are loving it. We all fell in love with the play of Wayne Simmonds last season and talked non-stop about his potential. Well, now he is fulfilling it and he is the 2nd leading goal scorer on the Kings. How much do Kings fan love Wayne Simmonds? This much.

Come on Kings fans... you can do better than this.

I hated Brad Richardson last season. HATED. Even referred to him as the Brian Willsie of last seasons' team. But man, have I come around on the guy! Even before his recent scoring streak, this guy has impressed me with his strong play. It is obvious he knows he's been given a chance... and he's trying to make the most out of it... unlike that other guy... what's his name again?

Teddy Purcell. Former Los Angeles Kings prospect.

You don't believe this blogger when he says (over and over again) that Teddy Purcell's time in the big leagues is coming to an end? Well how about when the coach says it?!

"Of Purcell, Murray said, “Given the opportunity, he can score some goals. At least I’ve been told that.”

That's called motivation, bitches. The same type of motivation NHL referees give to their favorite players.

"Look, I know that fan club sign was lame.
But you can do this. You can score. Okay, buddy?"

And what does uber-center Michal Handzus think about his little pal's recent scoring streak?

No, actually he just thinks that the holiday packs
are a great gift this season for friends and family.

Also, the recent play of waiver wire pickup Randy Jones has been beyond stellar... some might even say Kyle Quincey-esque. Randy Jones now has the highest average points per 60 minutes of any NHL defenseman that has played 10 games. That means he's been good. Oh, and Dean Lombardi gave up no assets to get him. I know RudyKelly's been tracking how creepy Randy Jones looks physically... and I totally agree with him. But I'm starting to think that the ladies disagree.

There is something very Freudian here... but I can't quite place it.

This was a game that in no way, shape or form did the Kings deserve to win. But that is what good teams can do... they win games they aren't supposed to win. But good teams also usually can score on back to back 5 on 3's.

Generally you should score when the opposing team has
this many guys in the box and there hasn't been a fight.

So now the Kings have won 3 in a row and people are back to being excited about them as a team. Even the epic hockey publication The Hockey News is putting a King on the front cover for the first time since the Gretzky Era.

This weeks feature story...
NHL players on 11 game scoreless streaks... and the fans who love them.

Anze Kopitar did look the best he has in a few games last night. But don't tell me that Kings Fan Nation didn't gasp when they saw this.

This usually doesn't end well.

But the point is everyone is excited about the way the Kings are playing now. EVERYONE. Drew Doughty is excited.

Doughty's O-face.

Heidi Androl is excited.

The coolest part is she is wearing hockey skates.

Even Waldo is excited.

I suggest that Peter Harrold's new nickname is "Waldo."

And the entire nation of Taiwan is excited.

Wait... what?

That's right. The Kings unveiled their latest corporate sponsor last night... the Taiwanese Tourist Board! Now this is a perfect relationship. I can't tell you HOW many times Half Season Ticket Holder Buddy and I have sat up in our seats and said "when are we going to take our ladies to Taiwan?" Now... we have no excuse. You win again, Kings Marketing Department!

We will be there in person tomorrow against Andy Murray and the St. Louis Blues. And it's Luc Robitaille Bobble Head night (or day since the game is at 1pm). Because there is not better way to honor the NHL's all-time leader in scoring by a left wing and a man who netted 557 goals as a member of the Los Angeles Kings... than with a novelty toy.


5683RJM said...

So glad Kopi was ok!!

Chris Kontos said...

no... THANK GOD Kopi was ok!!!