Sunday, December 6, 2009

Purcell Watch '09

Well, it's official. Apparently GM Dean Lombardi wants a winger with a little more long term offensive upside than Brad Richardson in his lineup. So the call to Manchester has been made and lil' Oscar Moller is coming back to Los Angeles!

I'm back, bitches!

And what does that mean for the rest of the current roster? Well, it means that we are back on PurcellWatch 09!!!

Threat Level: Red --- A potential benching in lieu of Raitis Ivanans or Peter Harrold

You have to assume that Moller will get a shot at cracking the top two lines. Heck, put him out there and just have him scream at Anze Kopitar in Swedish until Kopitar scores a goal for the first time in 12 games. But if that little Swedish scamp cracks the Kings lineup... it could mean the end for the Teddy Purcell Experiment.

Oscar and Teddy during much happier times. Much, much happier times for Purcell.

Actually, Oscar Moller getting called up from Manchester may be the best thing possible for Teddy Purcell. Did you hear about the fancy new transportation that the Los Angeles Kings sprung for in order to get their prospects back and forth between Manchester, NH and Los Angeles, CA?

It's the Manchester Express Ambulance!

Getting called up from Manchester pretty much has been the kiss of death for all young Kings prospects. Don't believe me? Why don't you ask Richard Clune.

Clune pretty much made the Kings out of training camp 2 years in a row... only to suffer injuries that kept him from the final roster. Oh, and remember this guy?

No... I don't remember him either.

Alec Martinez skated as a King for only the first game of the season. And then he suffered the dreaded "high ankle sprain." Oh... and what about Half Jew and High Energy forward Brandon Segal, called up from Manchester on November 23rd, just a few weeks ago?

You might have to think a little while about this joke.

And finally, 19 year old Russian, Andrei Loktionov, was also called up on November 23rd from Manchester to make his NHL debut against the Edmonton Oilers. How'd that work out again?

Oh right. Good luck next year!

So I ask you... the Manchester Monarchs... a pipeline for Kings prospects... or a terror highway of disaster. I guess Half Season Ticket Holder Buddy and myself will find out in person against Calgary Monday night.


In other, more self-serving news... The Royal Half has made it to the 2nd round of the NHL Arena "Blog-Off." This is exciting because it's the first time anything Kings related has made it to the 2nd round since 2001! (HEY-OH!)

So, I ask again, The Royal Half reader, please head to the NHL Arena and cast a vote for yours truly. Here's the link:

Kings Blog-Off Round 2

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