Friday, February 20, 2009

Move On

It's the best team in the NHL... they have a record of 25-2-3 at home. What did you really expect? The Los Angeles Kings lost, and if this team is truly maturing... they will acknowledge it and move on to the next game.

WTF is a Fin Addict?

Kings 2, Sharks 4

Watching the telecasts of the Anaheim and San Jose games back to back really makes a hockey fan realize... just how terrible the Anaheim broadcasting team is. I enjoyed listening to the San Jose Sharks team and I was even more excited that Mr. Svenning from Mallrats is still working.

Stink palm.

I got rid of the Center Ice Package this season, so I've only seen the Kings broadcasts this year. And this was the first time I've watched a game on Comcast Sportsnet. I have to say... Comcast puts together a much better overall broadcast than Fox Sports Net. They even have the most cute and precious line-up graphics.

Collect and trade them all!

Really? They don't have O'Donnell in his Kings jersey?

Overall, the game was a complete wash. The Kings looked flat footed, with a few flashes of brilliance. Erik Ersberg was shaky at times, but strong at others. But when a team likes San Jose gets a 2 goal lead late in the game, it's as good as over. The best thing to come from the night was I learned that some San Jose players must be readers of this blog... cause someone is taking the "Bring Me the Head of Denis Gauthier" tag WAY too seriously.

Missed it by that much.

There will probably be a lot of outcry on the BlogOSphere about Gauthier's elbow on Patrick Marleau last night. I'm never one to defend Mr. Gauthier, but if Marleau wasn't bent over slightly, that would have been a clean check. Suspension worthy? Probably not... although Gauthier is a repeat offender.

And finally, Comcast Sportsnet unveiled their latest Intermission Hockey Game Show last night....

Sharks Fan... Kopitar Relative... or Bored?
You Make the Call!

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