Saturday, February 14, 2009

High Five!

Because there is nothing like wearing your Team USA Chelios jersey to an Oilers-Kings matchup in Los Angeles.

Kings 2, Oilers 3, Chelios Jersey 4

Okay, so they didn't win. But they got an important point. And that sure felt like a playoff game (although it's been so long since I've been to one). Fights, huge checks and a last minute goal. It's funny how you'll go all season trying to avoid a high-five from the people who sit around you... and then Dustin Brown scores with 26 seconds left in the game and suddenly you are running around like a maniac look for open palms where ever you can find them. This my friends, is what happens to civilized hockey fans when their team is still in contention for a playoff spot in mid-February. The Kings pull out a point from this game last year at this time... and we are yelling at them for losing a lottery pick spot.

Come on, is there anything cuter than a girl wearing
an old school Gretzky jersey with iron-on numbers?

It was announced as a sellout and there were still some empty seats. But the crowd was into the game in a major way. In fact, as I was waiting for Half Season Ticket Holder Buddy outside, a scalper confided in me that he was having a hard time finding tickets to sell for this game. He then also went on to tell me that Kiprusoff stood on his head the other night and correctly stated the Kings record and number of points needed for a playoff spot. He finished by telling me that when the Kings are winning... it's good for business... and then he ran over to someone who was selling an extra PR level ticket. That is a man who knows the product that he is selling.

It had been over 2 weeks since we were last at a game. It felt great to be back. And this week will be a nice run for us Half Season Ticket Holders. We traded a game from November against the Stars for this Monday nights game against Atlanta, knowing full well that the team would be embroiled in a playoff race. Plus we have tickets for next Saturdays game against the Phoenix Coyotes. Let's just hope that the Kings remember how to win at home.


k.m.stiles said...

As I was exiting Staples Center I saw someone wearing a Gaborik Wild jersey. As soon as I thought how dumb it was another Kings fan told the guy how retarded he was.

Chris Kontos said...

I guess if you love hockey then you love hockey... no matter the team?