Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Captain Action

Big news... No Dustin Brown tonight against the Wild. He'll be attending the birth of his 2nd child. When Rich Hammond first posted this today, I felt like something wasn't right.

This discussion
on LetsGoKings.com tries to make sense of Dustin's sudden absence. After Kings fans spent time debating why the Captain would miss such an important game... one fan realized that Brown had told Rich Hammond last October that he had a baby due this April.

It's not even March yet. No one knows what is really going on, but it's easy to see why it would be important for Brown to miss this game and be with his wife. We easily forget that pro athletes, especially hockey players, are just like us regular people. And sometimes they have to deal with real life. Best wishes to Dustin and his family and I hope to see him back in the Kings lineup as soon as possible.

UPDATE: Please welcome to the Los Angeles Kings in 2029, Mason Brown.

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