Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It's been a slow off-season at The Royal Half. Sure I could be doing Season Reviews and special interest off-season stories... but I'd rather concentrate on the fact that we are only a little more than a month away from the start of Training Camp. There have been a couple big changes at The Royal Half offices which I will soon explore in a post but mainly I've been keeping busy with the amazing Nerd Blogger Hockey League re-drafting that's been going on over at Cycle Like the Sedins.

But recently, the guys over at Fantasy Hockey Scouts asked me to put together a "breakout" preview for their awesome site. (And by awesome I mean that their site helped me come in first in 2 fantasy leagues last season.) They asked me to pick the 2 Kings players that were poised to have the biggest breakout in the upcoming season. Check out the entire Pacific Division post.

The 2 players I picked are Jon Quick and Anze Kopitar. Quick is going to benefit from having a full season behind the Kings defense and Kopitar is going to have a blast with Ryan Smyth on his wing.

The season is starting to get closer and closer. I can't wait.

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